Emergency Alert- We Need to Respond – The U.S. Senate Threatens to Cut the DOD Prostate Cancer Research Program Budget

In my most humble opinion among the most vital and impactful program in the world, which supports prostate cancer research funding and prostate cancer research resources, is in trouble. It is the only government program that funds only prostate cancer research. All of its research funding mechanisms are designed to fund high risk and potentially [...]

My Response to the New York Times About the Cost of Cancer Treatments

My recent Letter to the Editor of the New York Times in response to the Op-Ed piece decrying the cost of cancer treatments: Your recent editorial about the high cost of cancer drugs missed a number of very significant points which must be considered. Yes, newly developed cancer drugs are expensive, but when treatments like [...]

The High Cost of Prostate Cancer Treatments – How Telling Are the Comments

Today’s New York Times carried a front page article about the high cost of the new prostate cancer treatments. This article seems to be the talk of the town and the talk (based on the comments that have been entered on-line) has been anything but positive. Unfortunately, many of the comments have made with the [...]

Minorities, Especially Blacks Are More Willing to Spend All for Cancer Care

An AP medical writer, Mike Stobb, wrote an interesting and unusual article about a survey that was conducted asking if people would be willing to spend everything they have on aggressive treatments that might prolong their life. The survey concluded that blacks and other minorities with cancer are more likely than whites to say they [...]

One Years Cost To Treat One man with Advanced Prostate Cancer

Of interest is a recent advanced prostate cancer survivor's post the cost of his treatments in 2010. His accompanying comments were: Often on these boards we discuss the cost of treating prostate cancer. Below you will find the summation of my 2010 medical costs. These are 100% prostate cancer related as I am otherwise healthy. [...]