Of interest is a recent advanced prostate cancer survivor’s post the cost of his treatments in 2010.

His accompanying comments were:
Often on these boards we discuss the cost of treating prostate cancer.
Below you will find the summation of my 2010 medical costs.
These are 100% prostate cancer related as I am otherwise healthy.

During the year I had two bone scans, a CT, a MRI, 14 radiation treatments,
13 Zometa and Lupron treatments. I was on DES (not included in this cost)
I have been on Lovenox since mid-October.

Billed Amount $117,005.53
Applied to Deductible $ 1,467.97
Paid by Plan $ 46,156.01
Patient Responsibility $ 1,684.97
Paid by HRA $ 1,000.00

Billed Amount = amount medical provider billed insurer
Paid by Plan = amount insurer paid medical provider
The rest is self explanatory.