Omega-3: Increase Your Intake of Omega-3 with Krill Oil Instead of Fish Oil

Our diet is always a point of a major conversation around cancer prevention and control. This is no different for prostate cancer prevention and control. Many of us have made a serious attempt to add fish oil (omega-3 oils) to our diet to fight inflammation, a major no-no in cancer fighting. That’s got to be [...]

The Potential Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet Proves Out

We hear a lot about alternative therapies and the use of diet to control our prostate cancer. We are encouraged to stop eating red meat, stop drinking milk (especially skim milk) and increase our consumption of plant-based items. Is there any scientific rationalization for any of these recommendations? Can we expect to experience any extra [...]

Stay Away From Dairy Products

A very large study of over 20,885 men was published in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition; Dec 22 2008 that showed that eating dairy products often may be a risk factor for prostate cancer and advanced prostate cancer. Lead researcher, Edward L Giovannucci, at the Harvard Medical School showed that men who consumed more than [...]

The Soy Issue

We are constantly told that diet is king in prostate cancer. This may be true, but it is confusing because many specific claims seem to be transient and change as often as I change my shirt. The claims are often are made without careful study and analysis of any scientific data. If you delve into [...]

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Whole Grains, Fruits And Vegetables Beat Supplements In Nutrional Value Of Fiber

Go to a prostate cancer support group and I guarantee sometime during the conversation the issues surrounding diet and supplements will become a hot topic of conversation. My guess is that if you poll the topics of the “special guest lecturers” that speak at support groups, 15% of the topics will include diet and supplements. [...]

Bend Those Lycopene Molecules and Enjoy Your Tomato Sauce

According to Ohio State University researchers processing the red tomato boosts the absorption of the all important antioxidant lycopene when consumed. We usually think of processed food not being healthy, but in this case processing is better. Lycopene belongs to a family of antioxidants named carotenoids. Carotenoids’ antioxidant properties have long been associated with protecting [...]

Caution, Avoid Grapefruit And Other Juices When Taking Certain Drugs

We all know, or at have heard, that drinking grapefruit juice can increase the absorption of certain oral drugs. The result of the increased levels of absorption is the possibility that normal doses of drugs become toxic overdoses. At the 236th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society there was a presentation that provided new [...]

Tilapia & Cat Fish Contain Too High Levels Of Dangerous Omega-6 Fatty Acids- Eliminate Them From Your Diet

So doctor, I have heard that I need to change my diet and that the diet modifications should include a number of portions of fish each week. Significant amounts of fish is very healthy for men with prostate cancer (and also people with inflammatory diseases) because it contain large amounts of Omega-3 fatty acids. This [...]

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Advocate & Educator- David Emerson

Today I want to mention our own David Emerson, one of the most outstanding advanced prostate cancer survivors, advocates, fund raisers and educators that our community has been blessed to have work on our behalf. The first time I actually met David was at the 2007 Prostate Cancer Research Institute National Conference on Prostate Cancer. [...]

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