Tips To Reduce The Cancer Risk Of Grilling Meat And Other Food Ideas To Consider

If you are like me then you enjoy eating grilled meat. I know, eating red meat isn’t going to be healthy, but I still enjoy it and I long ago decided that eating, in moderation, the foods I enjoy is a trade off I am willing to do as I live my life. However, I [...]

Updated Analysis Confirms That Adherence To A Strict Mediterranean Diet Is Correlated To Longer Cancer Survival For Many Cancers, Including Prostate Cancer

Go to any support group meeting and you are almost sure to hear someone, usually a new member of the group, ask about what they might do to lower their risk of having their prostate cancer progress or even lower their risk of dying from the prostate cancer. Among the common answer to this question [...]

The Cholesterol In Your Diet Might Be Causing Your Prostate Cancer To Spread

Research performed at the University of Queensland has shown that a diet, which is high in cholesterol, might increase the spread of prostate cancer tumors to lymph nodes, lungs and bones. According to the UQ Diamantina Institute study leader Dr Michelle Hill this research highlighted why it is important for men with prostate cancer to [...]

Living Through Chemo with the Support of Natural Immune System Boosts – Probiotics

Mama might have been correct, eat your yogurt. Many of us already know that a healthy gut with plenty of probiotics to support your gastrointestinal health is absolutely critical to boosting your immune system. Experts say that gut flora could account for as much as 80% of our immune system! A study from the University [...]

Managing Nausea & Increasing Appetite During Treatment – It’s Important

A very common side effect of any cancer treatment including chemotherapy (docetaxil for men with advanced prostate cancer) and radiation is nausea. In addition to feelings of nausea many men also experience a feeling of fullness, a change in the way foods taste and strong heartburn. If you have this experience let your doctor know [...]

Eating Eggs Increases the Chance of Developing Lethal Prostate Cancer

We all know that diet does effect the development of more lethal forms of prostate cancer. Red meat and dairy products are on the “NO” list while fish oil is a “YES”. Now, it looks as if the “NO” list has just been expanded! A large study has found that eating eggs may increase men's [...]

Genetics & Calcium Might Increase Risk for Prostate Cancer In the African-American Men

A study by at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem N.C., Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California (USC) and the Cancer Prevention Institute of California suggests that a high intake of calcium causes prostate cancer among African-American men who are genetically good absorbers of the mineral. According to Gary G. [...]

Organically Grown Food Not Nutritionally Better Than Conventionally Grown

Many of us go off to the grocery store and willing spend much more money for organically grown food thinking that the nutritional value of this food will be better. A recent review of the literature calls this assumption into question. The study published July 29 in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition says there [...]

What is a Good Prostate Cancer Diet?

What is a good prostate cancer diet? In reality, there is no overwhelming, big sample size studies that we can point to that provides actual scientific, statistically significant evidence of being the “best.” However, many small studies point to the better diet (better than the typical western diet full of red meat and processed sugars). [...]

Being A Vegaterian Might Actually Control PSA Velocity

We constantly discuss diet and its implications on prostate cancer on both our on-line and face-to-face support groups. As an individual who does enjoy a steak I have made great strides in significantly restraining myself and greatly limit my consumption of red meat. However, I often wonder if all the talk about being a vegetarian [...]