CDC Funding For Prostate Cancer Saved

The line item for FY 2016 CDC prostate cancer funding of $13,205,000 is restored in both the House and Senate appropriations bills, as authored by their committees.  Thanks to the several thousand of you who responded to Malecare's call to action and wrote emails and letters to the Congressional House and Senate Budget Committee.  Since both [...]

Please Reach Out To Senator Pat Roberts If You Live In Kansas

I have just received an update on Senator McCain's amendment.  According to Senator Pat Robert’s office they need to hear from more individuals from Kansas on opposing #1482 (the McCain amendment)so if it comes up they can let the Senator know and inform his position. If you live in Kansas, have family in Kansas or friends [...]

Help Direct Us In Our Future Prostate Cancer Support and Advocacy Actions

Please complete this ten minute, four question, anonymous survey about your thoughts around prostate cancer support and advocacy. Click>>> Your answers will help us to plan future prostate cancer support and advocacy actions on your behalf. Please feel encouraged to contact me by email at with any questions or concerns about this brief survey.

61 Years Young & 67 Years Old – One We keep and the Other Is To Be Discarded!

We are now around half way through the month of October, I am sorry breast cancer awareness month, I keep forgetting!  How can I forget with that pink ribbon on everything I buy at the supermarket and after watching the manliest of men, football players, dancing around with pink sneakers. So, why is breast cancer [...]

Ask the Obama Administration to Light the White House Blue – We Need 5,000 Signatures

Malecare has just started a new petition asking that the Obama administration to: Light The White House Blue on Men's Health Night, November 21, in order to raise Prostate and Testicular cancer awareness. If we are able to get 5,000 signatures by October 22, 2011 we will get a response back from the Obama Administration. [...]

An Important Note for Residents of New York State -Ask Governor Cuomo to Sign the Oral Chemotherapy Equity Bill

There is some good news; the New York State Legislature has passed the Oral Chemotherapy Equity Bill. However, before this bill can become law we have to have Governor Cuomo sign it, we need all of our New York Residents to contact the governor and ask that he signs it. […]

The House Approves the FY12 DoD Appropriations Bill – Yea

We dodged a bullet… for now! I’m pleased to report that the House just approved the FY12 DoD Appropriations Bill by a vote of 331-83. No amendments were offered to reduce or eliminate CDMRP (the Department of Defense Medical Research Program) funding. At this time we have managed to maintain the funding for the Prostate [...]

A Personal Request – Help Us Save The Prostate Cancer Research Program at the Department of Defense

U.S. SENATE: Save the Prostate Cancer Research Program Now it is time to write your U.S. Senators - TODAY! A few weeks ago I requested that you write to your member of the House of Representatives, now it is time to write to the other side of congress, the Senate. Write your U.S. Senators today [...]

Status Update on the Budget and It’s Implications for Cancer Research

As of now, Congress and the Administration are at an impasse on FY 11 spending.  If no deal is reached by Friday, government operations will shut down.  This would impact cancer research and prevention programs in the following ways: *   Patient enrollment in clinical trials would be discontinued; *   No new grants would be awarded; [...]