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Support Groups Help Men Suffering From Prostate Cancer Recover Psychologically And Physically

Talking about your illness can be a powerful tool in learning to cope with it. For years men with prostate cancer have kept it quiet, but that’s changing now, thanks to support groups for men with the disease. .

This is a tale of two men, Victor St. Clair Wright and Jack Cahill. Both are very different, but at the same time very much alike because both have prostate cancer.

Jack Cahill, Prostate Cancer Survivor: “I said, ‘Doc, I hope you have good news for me.’ And he said, ‘I’m afraid I don’t. You have cancer.’ I just kind of like sat down in the seat and said nothing.”

Victor St. Clair Wright, Prostate Cancer Survivor: “I went into a massive depression and did nothing initially. I withdrew from the world. I didn’t want to see anybody. I didn’t work at all. I did nothing. I felt very sorry for myself.”

The shock was soon replaced action, as the two men embarked on separate journeys of education and awareness. They first crossed paths at a a meeting of Malecare. The group holds support groups for prostate cancer survivors. For men not always used to talking about their feelings a group environment like this can take some adjustment. But once that adjustment occurs, the experts say real progress can be made, emotionally and physically.

Dr. Baylis Thomas, Support Group Leader: “The support group is really more of a workshop. It’s a place where you learn about prostate cancer.”

Cahill opted for a prostectomy. His experience at Malecare helped as he prepared for his operation. St. Clair Wright, meanwhile, chose not to have surgery or radiation, instead he is trying to control his cancer through healthy living. He gets supports for his difficult decision from the group every week.