Dear Friends:
We are the only guys who truly understand that advanced prostate cancer sucks. So, I am making this direct and rare appeal to you, as a member of our online group for men diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer. Please donate money to help us help men dealing with life threatening prostate get access to the latest treatments and find active support with their peers.
Every month, I hear from men who have benefited from reading , or have posted questions on our online support group. Some guys have had direct contact from Joel Nowak, and almost everyone knows of Joel’s and Malecare extraordinary advocacy efforts at the FDA and NCI in support of earlier access to life saving treatments. And everyone who is diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer has been helped by our tireless volunteers who lead support groups across the country and online.
Our plans for 2012 include building more advanced prostate cancer groups in the USA, as well as developing treatment focused information materials that will be updated instantly via our websites and mobile phone apps. We also will continue advocating that urologists understand that advanced prostate cancer always puts our lives at risk. And our fight for increased research funding and earlier and affordable access to treatments is ceaseless.
Malecare is a volunteer fueled national nonprofit. Our offices and meeting spaces are donated so that all of the money you donate funds our work. Please donate with your credit card at , or, write a check to Malecare and send it to:
c/o Darryl Mitteldorf
125 Second Avenue
New York NY 10003
To those of you who have already contributed, you have our deepest and warmest thanks.
As always, please feel encouraged to email me with any questions or comments.
Wishing you a peaceful and love filled Holiday Season,

Darryl Mitteldorf, LCSW
Executive Director
Men fighting cancer, together.