Prostate cancer and diet has been strongly link for a while. We are told to eat a Mediterranean style diet or to become a vegetarian. Being over weight has been strongly linked to having a prostate cancer recurrence.

This week’s online edition of the journal Cancer Prevention Research states that
cutting back on carbohydrates appears to slow the progression of prostate cancer tumors. This animal study finds that even if we do not lose weight just cutting back on carbs will slow the cancer growth.

Prior studies have suggested a diet light in carbs could slow tumor growth, but the animals in those studies also lost weight, says lead author Stephen Freedland, a urologist with the Duke Prostate Center in Durham, N.C.. He says scientists know weight loss can restrict energy that feeds tumors, but they were not sure if pure carbohydrate restriction, even when pounds aren’t lost, had an impact until now.

Even though Freedland’s study used only mice, he says his findings as well as those from other studies are strong enough for him to recommend patients reduce intake of refined carbohydrates — such as sweetened drinks and white bread.

His next study will concentrate on how far back carbs should be restricted to obtain maxium benefit in controlling the rate of tumor growth.

I am going to be more aware of my carbohydrate intake going forward, how about you?

Joel T Nowak MA, MSW