If you don’t have breast cancer you are being ignored, no actually moderate out of existence by the Hillary for President Campaign. On April 8th, I wrote about Hillary’s fantastic plans for funding increases for breast cancer. In my post I pointed out that all other American cancer survivors (there are millions of us) seem not to be on her radar screen.

I went to her blog page where she outlined her aggressive plans to fight breast cancer. On three different occasions I tried to add a comment pointing out that other cancer survivors need similar attention. On three different occasions my comments were “moderated out.”

So, what did I write that was so bad that her campaign felt the need to censor me? I will let you judge for yourself. This was the banned comment:

I applaud Hilary’s commitment to breast cancer, but I am very concerned that she has forgotten that millions of other Americans who continue to struggle with and die from cancers other than breast cancer. I am a thyroid, renal and recurrent prostate cancers survivor, your guess is as good as mine which will eventually kill me. I cannot help but feel that Hillary has just forgotten me and all the other not so important cancer survivors. We need similar levels of commitment to all cancers. Too many of us struggle and die each and everyday.

The complete blog which include her proposal and the posted comments can be seen at Hillary’s Blog.

My comment will not be included!

Joel T Nowak MA, MSW