Again and again and again Senator McCain (R-AZ) has attacked the Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program (CDMRP), which for PROSTATE CANCER has been among the most productive research vehicles we have to conquer PROSTATE CANCER. It is beyond my understanding why he has taken up this vendetta. Every year he is our biggest enemy, trying his best to stop the great progress we have made. As usual, he is at it again!

Senator McCain is a major advocate for funding of the Defense Department, but he seems not to understand that the money that flows to the CDMRP does not take one dollar away from our defense budget. The money that flows to the CDMRP is over and above any budget dollar that will go to the Defense Department. So, why the vendetta against the CDMRP, I cannot explain it.

Senator McCain has introduced an Amendment (see below) to WIPE OUT most CDRMPs. This is shocking and each of us needs to take immediate action to fight his appalling move. Each of us needs to contact our own members of congress and demand they vote against his horrendous amendment. We should also contact Senator McCain’s office and ask him to withdraw the amendment and abandon his crusade against our health.

Senator McCain’s proposed amendment:


The Secretary of Defense and each Secretary of a military department shall not fund or conduct a medical research and development project unless the Secretary funding or conducting the project determines that the project is directly designed to protect, enhance, or restore the health and safety of members of the Armed Forces through the phases of deployment, combat, recovery, and rehabilitation.

How To Contact Senator McCain’s Office:

By Phone: 202-224-2235

By Fax:   202-228-2862

By email:  

How To Contact Your three Members of Congress:


Remember, each of us has two Senators and one member in the House of Representatives.

The CDMRP is vital to us. Please take the few seconds to make contact and let our members of congress know how important this program is to our general welfare.

Now is the time to stop this anti-CDMRP movement being sponsored by the Senator from Arizona.

Shame on Senator McCain

Joel T. Nowak, M.A., M.S.W.