What view or place or sounds makes you feel most relaxed? Can you make a one to three minute video of that? For me, it’s standing in the ocean, water lapping my ankles, listening to distant waves breaking. For my father, it was watching horses at riding academy in The Bronx, NY.

What view chills you? Please point your smartphone camera and make a short 1-3 (or longer, if you wish) video. Please upload your relaxing short video’s to Youtube, with menatpeace-Malecare as part of your title or video description. Then, share your video link here (if you wish). The idea is to create a library of prostate cancer patient created video’s that everyone could use to have a moment of relaxation and to create awareness of Malecare and our prostate cancer support network. If you want to further support our work, please place a link in your description to Malecare’s donation page, https://malecare.org/donate I hope that you find this project fun and relaxing.