Not all of us can or even want to grow mustaches. And even fewer of us want to bother our friends and neighbors about foot races or fundraising schemes. BUT>>>
All of us eat food. Even guys diagnosed with prostate cancer eat food. When you’re diagnosed with prostate cancer, chances are that you think a lot about food. You hear about the importance of diet to your health. Even more, you hear about the importance of feeling good about your life, which includes eating food that makes you happy.
So, in November, Malecare’s Advanced Prostate Cancer program is asking you for your favorite recipes, diet advice and food stories.
Recipes that could be as simple as beans and rice, or a tasty family recipe
Stories about the time you ate snails in Marrakech or foraged for wild berries in Norway.
Tales about the favorite foods you or your loved ones enjoy.
Diet advice about what foods you feel are helping you or your loved one fight prostate cancer.
Email them to and we will gather them into a book. We’ll come up with some witty name for the book and give it out to anyone who contributes even a penny to Malecare’s fight against prostate cancer, during the December prostate cancer support fundraising season

So, whether you are diagnosed or helping someone who is diagnosed with prostate cancer, here’s an easy and delicious way to help. Please email your recipes and stories to
Darryl Mitteldorf, LCSW
Malecare Cancer Support