There are occasional conversations about the possibility of looking at a man’s fingers and predicting the aggressiveness of their prostate cancer.  Is this real science or is this voodoo science? This might actually be real science!

During gestation a male fetus’s development of the prostate gland is dependent on a functional androgen receptor and the presence of dihydrotestosterone. Prenatal androgen exposure has been correlated with a range of diseases including prostate cancer (PCa).

Historically, the ratio of the second to the fourth digit (2D:4D) has been linked to prenatal androgen levels; however, the use of alternate finger ratios have been shown to be a greater indicator of prenatal androgen exposure compared to the traditional 2D:4D ratio. There have been studies that have shown that the distal fingertip extent of the second digit (2T:2D) was also associated with prenatal