Raising Prostate & Testicular Cancer Awareness on Facebook

//Raising Prostate & Testicular Cancer Awareness on Facebook

Some fun is going on,which is also raising awareness of Prostate Cancer.  Just write “briefs” , “boxers,” “jocks,” or “commando” in your status.  Just the word, nothing else. It will be cool to see if this will spread Prostate cancer awareness. How long will it be, when people wonder why all the men describe their shorts in their status.”
We’re copying a worldwide effort started by Breast Cancer activists, who are updating their facebook status with their bra color. In the spirit of emulation being a sincere form of flattery, why not? 

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  1. Richard February 23, 2010 at 3:30 pm

    In the update about the AUA’s statement about prostate cancer screening, you publish the following paragraph:

    “Men should be informed about the “risks and benefits of prostate cancer screening before biopsy,” notes the newly published statement, which acknowledges that there is “strong evidence” that prostate cancer screening leads to overdetection and overtreatment.”

    What does overdetection mean? If you get tested/screened, you either have cancer or you don’t. What is the “overdetection”?

  2. joshua November 21, 2011 at 1:34 pm

    Does something like T.C. effect testosterone levels? I’ve been thinking of buying something like a natural supplement Any thoughts?

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