Prostate cancer patients struggle to ask all of their questions.  Men often leave their doctor’s offices with one or more unanswered question….”I forgot to ask.”   Even with lists of questions written out in advance, patients skip over one or more questions or simply fail to give voice to things that trouble them the most.  Patients can be anxious and tongue tied. Malecare created a simple solution:  The Prostate Cancer Question Tick List  
A list of critical and personal questions that patients print out.  Patients put check marks next to the questions that concern you, double checking their most important questions. They hand this pre-printed list to their doctor or even mail it in in advance of your appointment.  

Patients who don’t own computers or printers can call their doctor’s office and ask them to print out and mail a copy in advance of the appointment.  By handing a doctor a list of questions, and then basing a portion of the consult time on those questions, both patient and doctor can feel more confident that each has engaged in a more meaningful and productive shared decision making session.  The time spent answering questions reduces miscommunication and anxiety and probably will lead to more meaningful health related outcomes for the patient.