Prostate cancer awareness might be ready to take a major step in the United Kingdom (UK) and we all can help it along. I was sent an interesting web page by my wife Wendy about a battle in the advertising agency world in London. A prostate cancer awareness advertisement has been submitted as a “wild card” to a competition and to everyone amazement it is the current leader in the competition.

We all can get involved, no matter where you live, and vote for this advertisement so that it will appear on hundreds of bus in London! Men in London who otherwise would not get screened might get screened if we can get this advertisement on the buses in London. Although it is a dark horse, the advertisement is already the leader in the competition, we need to keep it in first place. Go to the web page and vote as a consumer.

I would like you to get involved in London’s biggest creative challenge. Right now creative agencies are battling it out on the high street to be named the winner of the 2009 Creative Challenge.

The concept is simple. Each agency gets two weeks to showcase their best creative work. One creative from each agency and one wild card entry will win and be put into the Grand Prix where they will go head to head.

Click on this link to find out more and cast your vote.

Joel T. Nowak MA, MSW