There are a few things you should know about penile implants if you are considering having one to treat your erectile dysfunction.

First you should know that there are actually two different types of implants available, inflatable implants and semi-rigid rods.  The inflatable implants have two different design options; they come in either a two- or three-piece design.

Overall, both of the inflatable designs feels and acts more like a natural erection than the semi-rigid models.

If you elect to have a three-piece inflatable penile implant you should know that:

  • Its use requires more manual dexterity than the other available implants.
  • It poses the possibility of leakage or malfunctioning.
  • It is the most expensive type of implant available.
  • And it requires the most extensive amount of surgery when compared to the other implants.

The two-piece inflatable penile implant design has the following advantages:

  • It is easier to operate than the three-piece implant.
  • The implant surgery does not require an abdominal incision.
  • Like the three-piece design it too can leak or malfunction.

The third option for a penile implant is a semi-rigid penile implant which is;

  • Easier to use than the inflatable implants which will help men with dexterity difficulties.
  • It has the least number of parts and so has a lower failure risk than the inflatable option.
  • Requires the least amount of surgery compared to the other implant methods.
  • And it is the least expensive type of implant.

The semi-rigid implant also has some inherent disadvantages including:

  • It is constantly firm.
  • It is harder to conceal than either of the two inflatable implants, but new designs make this less of a concern than in the past.

Implants are reported to be live changing for many men. If you are dealing with erectile dysfunction it is a very viable treatment option.

The trick to getting a successful implant is finding a very experienced doctor who specializes in providing implants. All surgical outcomes are always improved by the level of surgical experience in the type of surgery you are going to have done to you; this includes having a penile implant.