Could a prostate cancer diagnosis or treatment (adt?) be related to Stephen Paddock’s behavior?
He could have been severely depressed and anxious about a new diagnosis, and, as many men fantasize, he could have wanted to end his life rather than face a future of treatment, and impaired quality of life from those treatments.  He may have feared impaired quality of life such as impotence or incontinence from prostate cancer treatment.

Another thought is that he was a high stakes gambler, real estate speculator, small plane pilot— a full time/lifetime risk taker. Then – MAYBE…..,we DO NOT know if he had prostate cancer – he’s told he’s got a life threatening disease but one that he can possibly live with for many years if he makes the “right” treatment choices. But since the success of specific prostate cancer treatments are often a bit of a gamble, with a big quality of life impact, Paddock decides to seek certainty and end his life in a high stakes – high visibility (Las Vegas style) way…with the certainty of police ending his life.