Yesterday I wrote about using Keto (HDK) along with HC as a secondary hormone suppressant after traditional hormone blockades have failed to work. The reviews of HDK has been mixed with some doctors shying away from it because of its potential liver toxicity issues.

However, for many men fighting advanced prostate cancer HDK is an excellent drug which often provides both pain relief and controls the PSA.

David Emerson very kindly agreed to write about his experience using HDK with HC. He writes the following:

One man’s experience.

I’m not sure where to being or what to share? Though I wish I had no story to share at all, this what comes to mind:

Was it successful? Define success for me?

In September of 2006 my PSA had spiked to 81, from a nadir of .45 in July of 2005 and an initial reading of 271 in February 2005. Casodex had apparently stopped working and my Oncologist at the time was recommending I start chemotherapy.

As fate would have it I switched Oncologist as this one moved on to a new office and the new doctor recommended a full review before determining next steps. At his suggestion we decided to try HDK + HC before chemo.

Over the next five months my PSA decreased by approximately 25% per month before reaching a low of 15. Then for the next 9 months the PSA reading bounced around between 16 and 23 and because I was (and am not today) in no pain, we continued on.

Earlier this year my PSA climbed into the low 30’s. We switched oncologists again to one at a local University hospital earlier this year, he recommended that we stop HDK+HC and try Nilandron. After three months, and no success, we abandoned Nilandron and moved on to chemo. I am now two treatments in and am experiencing no side effects to date.