So I was flipping though the February 11th issue of In Touch magazine (shut up, don’t judge me – it was my wife’s!) and I came across this article, or maybe it was an interview, about Matthew McConaughey and his journey into fatherhood. His Brazilian model girlfriend is pregnant and apparently the movie star is ready to take on the challenge of being a dad. Not that he has a clue what that means.

When asked if he thinks his life will change after the baby is born he said “I think there are a lot of things you don’t change in your life when you have a child. The child has to come in and be a part of the life you have.” My goodness, is he for real? Or is it that he’s rich and can pay someone to care for his child so his quality of life actually will not change? Or is it simply a case of a first-time father trying to hold onto his identity even though he knows that everything? is about to change? I can picture him saying “look kid here are the rules…” to his newborn.

I remember having similar thoughts when I found out my wife was pregnant. We thought we’d be a cool young family jet setting and vacationing with our newest accessory – Devin.? It didn’t quite work out like that. In fact I’m much fatter, I have a negative coolness quotient, and I haven’t been on a Jet in five years.

Matthew, send me an email. We should talk. Perhaps me and the rest of The Blogfathers should set up an intervention.