OncoGenex Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (OGXI) announced that it’s experimental product, OGX-011, also known as custirsen sodium, received fast track designation from the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of progressive metastatic prostate cancer in combination with first-line docetaxel treatment (chemotherapy). OGXI had previously received this same designation for second-line docetaxel treatment with OGX-011 in combination with docetaxel for treatment of progressive metastatic prostate cancer following docetaxel treatment.

Fast track designation is granted to products that the FDA believes might provide a significant improvement in either the safety or effectiveness of the treatment for a serious or life-threatening disease. With this designation, the FDA is obligated to take quick actions with the goal of expediting the development and review of the drug in question.

OGXI has announced their intention to begin Phase 3 clinical trials for first-line and second-line chemotherapy treatments of prostate cancer. The company is hoping that the fast track des