Today’s post is not directly an advanced prostate cancer post, but more about a new potential and very interesting treatment on the horizon for men with prostate cancer that might otherwise be considered for active surveillance. According to the researchers who have been working on the treatment protocol, it is “truly transformative”.

This is not a treatment that is yet ready for prime time, but it is a possible treatment that, if proven, could be transformative for many men yet to be diagnosed.

This new approach to treating early, non-aggressive prostate cancer has been tested across Europe. It involves the use of lasers that awaken a drug made from deep sea bacteria to eliminate tumors. Based on the current studies, for many men the treatment is effective without causing severe side effects.

The trials, so far, have included 413 men. Their results were published in The Lancet Oncology.   According to the publication, the trial showed nearly half of the men participating had no remaining traces of cancer in their prostate gland and they did not suffer the common long term side effects of our current treatments, impotence and incontinence.

According to the investigators, this approach might be a good alternative to active surveillance.

To further explain, this new investigational uses a drug, made from bacteria that live in the alm