Tonight the soon to be defunct UPN premiered two episodes of the black family comedy “Tyler Perry’s House of Payne.”  The show was created by, of course, Tyler Perry (aka “Madea”).   He’s a guy I usually like (my wife on the other hand LOVES him), and it was very clear by the time the credits rolled that it is a show spawned from his family-adoring brain.  There is a lot of melodrama, and a good amount of comedy mixed in with the extended family themes that populate all of Mr. Perry’s work.  The two prominent male leads, one of which is the formerly M.I.A. Allen Payne of “New Jack City” fame, are both black dads.  They were only the first two shows, so I’ll hold off on declaring the two dads good fathering role models, however I’ll be watching to see what these dads are about.