Sometimes prostate cancer advocates feel like the Rodney Dangerfield of the charities, we “don’t get no respect.” It seems as if we have to fight for everything from approval of screenings to funding for research. Everyone knows what the red or pink ribbons mean but how many know about the blue ribbon? Because we have been working hard, more and more people know each year.

Dan Fogelberg’s recent death highlights the facts that prostate cancer is not just an old man’s disease and that men will die from prostate cancer not just with it. There is still much to be done by advocates.

We have passion but to be truly effective we need funds to grow our missions. If you are planning donations for this year, consider a prostate cancer organization. There are several on the right side of this page in the blogroll section who can use your help.

If you are reading this and are part of a prostate cancer organization you can find ideas that will help your fund raising efforts by clicking here.