A group of men in North Carolina have posed in the buff on a new calendar to raise awareness and funds for prostate cancer. They range in age from 39 to 63, and all monies collected will be donated for prostate cancer research. University of North Carolina and Duke University logos are on the calendar since they have endorsed the calendar.

All monies except for printing costs will be donated.

Sherry Ratzlaff and several other women were the driving force behind the calendar. She says, “How often do you see the pale blue ribbon?”

“We’re trying to reach men through humor and keep them aware, every month, that they really need to do this testing,” Ratzlaff said.

Each month features a man participating in an occupation or a hobby, including cooking and guitar playing, as well as information about prostate cancer prevention.

“You can’t open the first page without giggling,” Ratzlaff said.

Lahtinen, of Pittsboro, chose his attire – he is carrying a large wooden frame – to represent his retirement hobby of crafting.

Orange Grove volunteer firefighter Guy Randell, 46, of Hillsborough, is pictured wearing his rescue gear.

“Prevention is better than a cure in my opinion,” said “Mr. March” Randell, who lost his grandfather and family friends to prostate cancer. “You don’t realize until you talk to people how much of it is out there.”

It is time for Christmas shopping. Do you know someone who would appreciate this calendar under the tree?

What unique ways can you think of to raise awarenesses and further the cause of prostate cancer?

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There will be a calendar signing party at The Break Zone at 2398 Corporation Parkway in Burlington, NC on Friday at 6:30 p.m. You can also order calendars at www.prostatecalendarguys.com.