Sen. John McCain’s (R- Arizona) office has confirmed that the Senator no longer supports his own bill that would significantly tighten the regulatory requirements for dietary supplements. Currently, the manufacturing of supplements is not monitored or controlled by any governmental agency. There is no way to know that the supplement you purchase contains what is stated on the label, if it is pure or if will do what is indicated.

The Senator originally proposed the bill in February. McCain’s office now states that the Arizona Republican will now collaborate with Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, on revised legislation that allegedly provides for transparency and safety within the supplement industry but without the intensive regulatory intervention proposed in S. 3002. No timeline is set for introduction of a new bill.

I have to wonder if the manufacturing lobby has cooped the Senator. What possible reason could there be for passing these much needed controls and not insuring that the industry complies with them?

Joel T Nowak, MA, MSW