Mary, who writes the prostate cancer advocacy and action blog for malecare, ( wrote this comment to my post which does appear in the comments for that post. I thought that it was so thoughtful and insightful I would use it as its own post. Mary’s blog is well worth checking out and may be read at

Hi Joel!

I’ve been thinking about your post for a while… and meant to comment sooner. My dad made a comparison like this years ago – back when I was “just doing this because I love my dad.” Now – I’m still “doing this because I love my dad,” but also for many others who I’ve come to know and love as extended family still personally struggling with prostate cancer.

You know my father founded the Prostate Cancer Coalition of NC back in 2001. And I’d like to share with you a somewhat shameful realization on my part that may help to answer your question. When my dad asked me to be his volunteer note taker/ webmaster I just did it for him… not as the “believer” I am today, having become so through that experience.

He was tough as nails and there was no way this cancer was going to take him out… for a solid 5 years I was 110% sure this was just a bump in the road for him – but I dug spending time with dad and we had fun working, planning and organizing. I didn’t really understand what it meant when his sugical follow-up uncovered bone mets… nor did he share with me that the he’d been told he had about a year to live at that same time…

Now – I look around me at the