Malecare is pleased to announce several new enhancements to our Advanced Prostate Cancer Program as well as the release of our new Advanced Prostate Cancer Kit which includes our newest publication:

A Working Document for Men with Recurrent Prostate Cancer

For many years, Malecare has been the leader in the fight against prostate cancer.  Advanced and Recurrent Prostate Cancer kills 30,000 Americans and countless thousands more in other countries. We have been concerned that there is not enough attention being paid to advanced and recurrent prostate cancer, the cancer that actually kills.

To increase the emphases needed on advanced and recurrent prostate cancer, we’re enhancing our Advanced Prostate Cancer Program with our new set of Prostate Cancer Kits, each kit having a number of different components. Our first and just released kit is focused on helping men and their loved ones who have already survived their initial prostate cancer diagnosis and are now dealing with recurrent disease.

The recurrent prostate cancer kit includes a just published, detailed, easy to read guide on how to understand and navigate living with recurrent prostate cancer. This guide is a must read for anyone with recurrent prostate cancer and anyone who supports a man with recurrent prostate cancer.

Malecare will also be rolling out a new series of telephone and on-line support groups for men with advanced prostate cancer, their families and caregivers. The kit will also include additional teleconferences with experts in the field, more questions and answers from our doctors as well as our new interactive forum on prostate cancer.

We have also initiated a training program open to all support groups leaders from any other organization that is helping men with prostate cancer. Our goal is to help anyone interested in improving the life of men dealing with prostate cancer. We’re ready and willing to share our unique advanced prostate cancer support group expertise, so that you can better help the men in your groups.

So, to start, visit and click the “advanced prostate cancer button.” You will be asked to register so that we can send you document updates as they are produced.
Please let me know what you think about our programs as well as any suggestions of additional services we could provide.

JOEL T. Nowak, M.A., M.S.W.