Male and Female Breast Differences and Similarities

The Female and Male Breast

The amount of breast tissue present in boys and girls is the same in early life. The breasts in girls change owing to female hormones, estrogen, during puberty. Following this, lobules develop in the breast, which are glands producing milk. Ducts carrying milk and supporting tissue develop during this period as well. These growth-inducing hormones are not present in boys as they enter puberty. Furthermore, the development of breasts is restricted in boys due to male hormones.

Lymph Nodes

These are bean-shaped small organs containing various types of cells. These include the likes of immune cells as well are responsible for helping the body combat infections and cancer. It is the lymph nodes under the arms, called axillary lymph nodes, where the breast cancer first spreads. 

Lymph, which is a clear liquid and contains immune cells, is carried via the breast to lymph nodes by lymphatic vessels. These are fine tubes, bearing quite a bit of similarity to blood vessels. Cancer cells that detach from a breast tumor can travel in the lymph and reach axillary lymph nodes. 

When it comes to the diagnosis of breast cancer in males, the status of axillary lymph nodes plays a crucial role. Tests are conducted to determine whether cancer cells have invaded these lymph nodes. This information enables the doctors to gauge the risk of the spread of cancer to other body parts, including lungs and bones, among others. An appropriate treatment plan can then be recommended.