I’ve mentioned many times before that I am a shameless Hip-Hop fan. I recently walked past Common and Serena Williams hanging out together in Manhattan on the night the hot tennis star beat her sister in the U.S. Open and it took all my might to not tell Common that I’ve been a fan since the “Can I Borrow a Dollar” days. Instead I just nodded at the rapper and called my wife to gush about the celebrity sighting. In terms of actual music these days I am addicted to Nas’ new CD (his Hero song is a classic), and I’m enjoying some classic Jay-Z throwbacks.

Not surprisingly my son has joined in and is also loving himself some Hip-Hop. One of his favorite artists right now is Young Jeezy (he keeps insisting I buy his latest release?- I just smile and nod), and The Game. His favorite song by The Game is My Life. His favorite lyric in My Life is “…I needed my father but he needed a needle.” Yep my boy sings that line in public.

The song is powerful and?poingnant and easily one of the best rap songs of the year(though I?don’t agree with the Jesse Jackson stab). That’s what makes my son’s interpretation so funny. He thinks of it as daddy going to the doctor and getting a medically sanctioned shot – a thought?that he quietly relishes. He doesn’t realize, thank goodness, that the line is about real suffering at the hand of drugs. For him its daddy, his arch nemesis, feeling a little pain. Obviously he loves me.?

We’re waiting for a call from school asking if Dev’s daddy is OK. Five year olds are so fun.