I recently read a very interesting post by Trisha Torrey on About.com about a happening on the TV show, Downton Abbey. Downton Abbey is a PBS (in the United States) TV show that originates from the UK. Briefly, the show is about the British aristocracy and their help, not dissimilar to the other famous show of similar roots, “Up stairs, Down Stairs. “However, Downton Abbey takes place in the early 20th century.

In the most recent episode a 24-year-old character from the aristocracy, named Sybil gave birth to her first child and then died. So, why am I talking about a TV show especially about childbirth on a blog about advanced prostate cancer? Good question let me answer it.

It turns out that Sybil’s death could probably have been avoided but for the fact that this aristocratic family was more concerned about public appearances than with calling in a doctor with experience in child birth. It seems that Sybil had always been tended to by a simple country doctor (not very aristocratic) who had properly diagnosed her as experiencing preclampsia and urged she immediately go to the hospital. However, her father, Lord Granthem, wanted to appear more important and insisted that they bring in a better known and more expensive doctor who was more appropriate for their station in life. Lord Granthem, despite the opinions of the others, including Sybils mother and husband, decision stood and the upper class doctor, Dr. Cla