Prostate Cancer Calendar 2010 with wives of Prostate Cancer patients, produced by the New Jersey Prostate Cancer Coalition is facing negative criticism for it’s purely heterosexual bias. Twelve New Jersey wives have posed nude for a prostate cancer awareness calendar
called, “Stand By Your Man: 12 Women in Support of a Cure for Prostate Cancer.”
With Gay and Bisexual men comprising fully 10% of all men diagnosed with prostate cancer, the calender actually hurts many men, who already feel unheard and disenfranchised from the prostate cancer survivor community,” says Darryl Mitteldorf, CEO of the national gay men’s cancerl survivor support and advocacy nonprofit, Malecare. “Surely, one month in their calender could have included a gay man’s partner, along with the wives..that would truly raise awareness for everyone.” said Mr. Mitteldorf. and 212-673-4920