Most of you know that I’ve been married five or six years, but that is not what I’m celebrating. Today I celebrate being a daddy blogger for two whole years. In blog years that’s like, forever, dude. I’ve known many of you for the full two years and some of you are newer, but I got nothin’ but love for all of you readers. I don’t get a million hits a day like Perez Hilton or have multimillion dollar advertising contracts, but I do get tens of thousands of hits a month and, well, no monetary compensation, but lots of good vibes.

It still amazes me, as I read other blogs and about the family lives of some of my blog brethren, how?people miss the boat on good web content. Too many people would rather read about someone’s new nose, or what someone wore to a party, or the latest DUI charge of a c-list celebrity. Seriously, who cares about that when the Holmes just bought a new house, or when Liz is writing about living life, or Darius is on a mission of self discovery? Not me. But then again I’m a blogger of the daddy kind, so I get it. The world is so much bigger and more interesting than Lindsay Lohan’s affairs,?and Will Smith’s alleged ties to Scientology. Personally I prefer a dose of Jameil, Whit, Literal Dan, Nerd Girl, my homie from high school Dee, Mitch, DJ Black Adam, The Blogfathers, Matthew and his twins, Lori, and all the others who live and love life without an entourage and a crew of paparazzi.

Now that I’m rolling into my terrible twos expect me to be surly and unruly. I will climb on things and test your patience. I will try out curse words to see how they fit. I will pull things out of cabinets and poop on stuff that you like. I will then smile adorably and make you forget what I did to your vintage Whodini record. Or not because some kids are sweet even in their terrible twos. My guess is that you’ll pretty much get what you’ve been getting until I’m done. The end may be sooner than you think as I plan my exit like Lost