We’re back from Disney, the new job starts tomorrow, and yesterday I got a chance to see the documentary that I’m appearing in this Fall. What’s more, my first non-fiction fatherhood story will be published?soon as part of a collection in an upcoming book (I got the check for the article a few weeks ago so I guess it’s legit!), and my own book is still a lingering possibility, so to say I’m a little busy is an understatement. (Still it’s no excuse for not stopping by the blogs of my blog family so I’ll be doing that this week.)

Of course I have to talk about the trip a little bit. Disney is a trip that everyone should do once, and perhaps only once depending upon your tolerance for certain things. For example, the rides were fun and exciting but the lines are crazy, the heat serious, and the food fattening. I lived in Florida for a time so the heat was no surprise, the lines are legendary at Disney so I expected that too?(Fast Pass is a definite sanity-saver), and?overindulging in?food is a big part of what vacationing is about. So if you can deal in those things, go forth and enjoy. I still think I prefer a beach vacation though.

Dev was ok for about?fifty percent of the time. We give him a pass mainly because as one guide book puts it “Disney is an assault on all the senses” and that may be why he was a little off. Plus he was freaked out half the time. He did not like the 3-D stuff one bit. The faking of mice running off a 3-D screen or getting sprayed with spinkles of water by a movie were too much for the kid. He also completely flipped out on Stitch’s Great Escape, which a friend of mine warned me not to take the kid on. I ignored her because I’m a Stitch fan, but boy was that show creepy. He also didn’t love the Haunted Mansion, and thoug