Lately there seems to be no good news. Either it’s celebrities doing bad things to themselves or others, or it’s much worse. You know its bad when your four year old son, who reads better than he should, is upset about explosions in midtown and a bridge collapse. We can turn off the news on the TV, but he can easily read a “three college students shot” headline on the front page of a newspaper. For the most part he has no point of reference for these types of things; not enough life experience to make sense of it. But as a parent I’m tasked with having to try.

From young we’re told that good things happen to bad people, and that it’s always the good ones that have to die, and that life is short. Not very comforting when you think about it. We watch Nicole Ritchie interviews while Darfur burns. We spend hours in front of the tube watching people who make millions break home run records while our prisons continue to fill. We ban words while war rages on in Iraq. I’m not sure how long we can go on like this.

It’s not all gloom and doom though, as we like to say at the office. When my son says “let me get that for you” and opens the door, I feel like we’re doing something right. When he apologizes for something, without us prompting, saying “Daddy, I’m sorry for hurting your pee pee” (don’t ask – he’s four and a half feet tall and evil) I know he has a conscience that I helped build. I have to believe that if we teach our children well that there will be hope for the future. That’s all I got.