The wife and I were discussing this earlier. She said this is getting out of hand. I agree with her. I thought it was worth mentioning…

Over the last couple of years there has been a proliferation of rap songs featuring “that white girl,” which is slang for the highly addictive drug cocaine. I will refrain from giving the names of the rappers that have decided to stoop this low because I don’t think it matters who they are. What matters is that there are songs being played on mainstream radio that are discussing the joys of “that white girl.” Of course rapping about cocaine is not new, but when Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five were singing about “White Lines” back in 1983 they were making a stand AGAINST drugs. It’s pretty much been down hill since then.

Sadly, kids are singing about popping champagne bottles when they are still young enough to get a sugar rush from Kool-Aid. Marijuana (one of the evilest drug out there because young people really believe that it’s harmless) is so prevalent that one legendary rapper named his most successful album after one of the many street names for the plant. Now rappers are openly rhyming about pulling out their razors and breaking up the “white girl,” and powdering their faces.

This seems insane to me. Not just because I’m a father, but also because I’m a rational human being. I’ll admit that I’m not one for censorship. As a writer and an advocate for healthy, strong families I still believe in our freedom of speech, but there should be limits. What I’m proposing is a compromise of sorts. We have to get this stuff off of the radio and adults over 21 should have to show ID to purchase this kind of material. (Though if you’re anything like me you simply will not buy mu