I’m going to go ahead and answer that with a big YES!  But with the caveat that the breadth and scope of our awareness has to expand if we have any hope of ever comprehensively addressing the issues that surround this awful disease.  Knowing it’s there does scarcely little good with no clear path for how to deal with it.  The politics of medicine does a great job of confusing people away from diagnosis altogether (which “may be” a death sentence for some… see how politically correct I am!!!), and for those that make it through, the business of medicine quickly follows suit with flashy widgets and toys to entice the newly diagnosed man into the latest and greatest technological wonderland of treatment.  Humanity and compassion is a complicated thing – and one that most men don’t like to run around saying they need.  After 15 years of trying to figure these things out, I’m absolutely convinced that across the board that is exactly what we need.

Be sure to light a blue light of compassion on Men’s Health Night (11/21/11)!  And don’t forget to sign the petition to ask our White House to do the same if you haven’t already done so:  http://prostatecancerblog.org/?p=351