It is with great sorrow I must share the news of the death of John Arnold. John had been a long time contributor to the advanced prostate cancer support group. As he approach the end of his life and decided to enter into Hospice Care he, in his typical unselfish way, let us know that he would not withdraw from life or the group. He decided that he would narrate his closing time and share with us his experiences, fears and thoughts. True to his word he did just that. For many of us his willingness to share shone a light on what many of us fear, our last days.

Besides John’s willingness to provide unending support and to demystify this final experience, John’s other major contribution to man kind was his life’s work. John was responsible for developing a major food bank which fed (and still is feeding) so many hungry Americans. His food bank came to serve as the model for many other similar programs.

John was a true, unsung hero, even up to actual death.

JeanneT, John’s wife, took over for John when he was no longer able to communicate with the group. The following was posted by
JeanneT this morning:

To all John’s PCa Malecare friends –

John died this morning at 7:15am. I and my son and daughter-in-law all spent a great deal of the past week in his company, and I believe in the end he died without pain from his bone mets and with his peace of mind and his humor intact.

You all were SO important to John during his struggle with PCa: I thank this group from the bottom of my heart for your friendship, your information, your advice and your encouragement to him. Without this group, John’s life would not have been so long, nor so rich, nor would his ending have been so peaceful or so courageous.

I can give you medical details sometime this week if any of you think you would