Here’s a great opportunity to participate in an advanced prostate cancer
marketing survey, earn $40 dollars for yourself and help move our
understanding of our disease just a little bit further forward.

*What is the purpose?*

Understanding patients’ knowledge and perceptions of treatments for
prostate cancer, so researchers can understand how prostate cancer affects
patients and those close to them.

*Who can take it?*

Men diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer who have finished at least one
round of chemotherapy.

*How long will it take?*

20-25 minutes.

*Will I be compensated for my time?*

Yes. If you qualify, you will earn $40 for sharing your opinions and

*How do I participate?*

Call 1-866-545-4687 and ask for Brian Cooper.

*When can I call?*

Between 10am and 9pm Eastern Time on weekdays, or between 12pm and 6pm
Eastern Time on weekends.

*Why should I participate?*

This provides an opportunity for those of you affected by advanced prostate
cancer to share your experiences with others who are working on new