That most people want to be happy but just don’t know how. In many ways it’s a life-long journey. But you have to want to take the journey and know what it looks like when you arrive at certain milestones along the way. That’s the hard part. Being a jerk is beyond easy. Sure it can be fun sometimes, but at what cost? Being an authentically decent person is a much harder task. I dare you to be decent. I dare myself everyday. I’ll admit that it’s hard and I often miss the target, but I’m human so I also cut myself some slack. Then I get right back on the path and keep it moving. My son taught me a lot about that because he’s constantly in search of knowledge and self improvement. He lives life with greatness in mind and I admire that.

One last thought…

The holiday season comes and goes in a blink each year. But if you choose to keep Christmas in your heart each day throughout the year, and not just those days between Thanksgiving and New Years, then the joy of the season will be with you always.