Folks, on August 13th I’ll be celebrating my first anniversary of participating in online conversation.  It also happens to be my birthday.   

When I initially posted to a bulletin board I was looking to spread the gospel of penile injections for ED, and I thought that would be the end of it. 

My husband had had an RP about 10 months before (Oct. 15, ’05), and since then we had not had “normal sex”.  We were advised to learn to “use our bodies in different ways”.  Easier said than done.   I did learn to French-kiss at forty-something, but things just weren’t the same. 

Also, your mother doesn’t teach you how to, uh . . . manually stimulate a man.  And “Ol’ Man River” must have surely known somethin,’ but he “didn’t say nothin’  (as usual).  So I had to learn by trial and error. 

I was stroking his penis in largo, e.g., slow and gentle, but I eventually learned that it only worked if I speeded up the tempo and the pressure,  do it in allegro vivace,  maybe.

Eventually we found a top-notch ED doctor who gave dear husband an injectible potion called Trimix.  Like all guys, DH was not exactly keen on shooting up *there*.  But after Dr. Melman gave him the first shot, his fears vanished.  (He says to tell all you guys that it can be done.  Don’t give up.)

Now this was SEX!!!  Better than the real thing.  Erections came in XL and above only.  I am sure for a guy who hadn’t “seen action” down there in almost a year, this was a most welcome sight.  And with Trimix *you* are in control.  Just like with the Tempur-pedic bed, *you* set the firmness.  And the pace.  You can go on forever as long as time is no object. 

Our first session with the elixir was proceeding at a leisurely pace when I happened to glance at the clock.  I noticed it was coming up on an hour.  I was getting a little tired, but being the competitive type I decided to go for a record — I held out for exactly an hour and a minute.   Then I collapsed.  Boy, did I need a drink and a Power Bar!  But that was just a “dry run.” 

I must tell you, dear readers, that if you take a breather, a “seventh-inning stretch” so to speak, you *can* even have a “double-header”.  If you so desire.

Anyway, them came August 13, my birthday, and DH got me a beautiful bouquet of flowers.  Monochromatic, pink and purple tones.  Exquisite.  I am a “flower child” in the sense that there is nothing I love more in the world than some pretty blossoms.

That same day DH went off to Vermont on a bike trip, and I became the “Trimix lady”.  I had never had an interest in online conversation, but I felt I had an almost sacred duty to tell the world about this miracle cure for ED.  So I rhapsodized a bit about it in alt.impotence and  I thought this would be a one-time thing.  But then I got some nice notes from people in the groups (as well as some propositions), and I became hooked on prostate cancer conversation.

The biggest problem with injections for ED is that men are very put off by the prospect of “shooting up” there.  But these fears can be overcome.   After dear husband’s first shot at the doctor’s office, his fears went away.

Also, injections have been shown to play a role in “penile rehabilitation,” or restoring natural erectile function after surgery.  Other methods have *not been proven* to do this.  I have been researching and speaking out about penile rehab for almost a year, and this is something I will definitely be focusing on here.

Like everything, injections have a downside.  You have to be sure to do it on both sides of the penis.  Or you can end up with a “Leaning Tower of Penis.”

I just wrote to someone that Trimix could give an erection to a corpse who was doing his taxes:-))

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