According to a recent study published in the Journal of Urology, men with localized prostate cancer on hormone therapy (ADT) have a significant increase in their risk for developing diabetes.

In this retrospective study of 12,191 men with localized prostate cancer who did not have diabetes were followed once they went on ADT. It was found that ADT increased their risk of developing diabetes by a stunning 60%! The association with diabetes development was stronger in the men who were 70 years or more years.

This finding needs t be considered carefully as diabetes itself is a serious illness. Before starting ADT consider carefully the increased risk of diabetes. This finding should direct our doctors to carefully screen their patients and provide their patients with comprehensive life style support before starting ADT. It also should raise the question if ADT can be delayed.

This finding, although not about advanced prostate cancer can probably be completely extended to men with metastatic prostate cancer who are on ADT.