Hormone therapy (ADT) is notorious for providing us with side effects. Some of these side effects are best described as ones that deteriorate our general quality of life. For example the most common one we all are familiar with is, of course, hot flashes. You could also add erectile dysfunction as well as loss of sexual desire to these common side effects. In most cases, if you are on intermittent therapy, when you move into an off period you will experience a period of side effect abetment, at least until you go back onto therapy.

We also know that ADT can give us some gifts that simply keep on giving, like metabolic syndrome.   Now, based on some recent research there might be another gift that keeps on giving, Alzheimer’s Disease!

In what seems to be a first study there researchers are saying that they might have uncovered a link between ADT and Alzheimer’s. Their study is small and preliminary and it does not prove a cause-and-effect relationship, but merely shows an association between ADT and Alzheimer’s disease.

The research principle investigator, Dr. Kevin T. Nead said, “We wanted to contribute to the discussion regarding the relativ