I work for a non-profit organization that serves children and families.  I get a lot of social commentary just about every day (I must admit that I’m usually the on giving it) and I don’t think I want it in my commercials.  I was reading an article in Slate that reminded me of that fact.

Most of us have seen the ad.  A sad/grateful looking dad thanks his ex for inviting him on a family trip, then the mother drives off with the kids.   Dad is left looking kind of pathetic.  There is dialogue in the ad, yet even without the volume up you know exactly whats going on:  a crossover SUV is being advertised and the wife got the vehicle in the divorce settlement (or enough money to buy it).

Yes, lots of people get divorced everyday, but does divorce sell cars?  People get fired from their jobs everday too, and murdered for that matter.  Those things don’t really sell cars do they? 

Personally I felt sorry for sad dad the first time I saw the commercial, I don’t ever want to be in his position.  But I didn’t want to run out and buy an SUV either.  I get that the commercial is making a statement of some kind, nevertheless, if I want to watch reality-based TV I’ll turn on Law & Order. 

I can’t hold it in any longer:  I’m glad the guy in the spot was white.  I can look out the window if I wanted to see a divorced black dad.