Princess and the Frog

My faithful readers know that I almost never do giveaways. I only do them for things that I find to be cool and I usually make you do something annoying to get the prize. This time is no different! I think owning this DVD is a great opportunity to open up the discussion of real black princesses with your children. For starters there is the stunning and brilliant Princess Elizabeth of Toro and the brave Yennenga who I think are totally different and interesting. Africa is a huge continent steeped in an often glorious history and princesses (among other royalty) are part of the history. If you take a few minutes and dig deep enough you will be able to find many princesses to talk about. I am challenging you to add real princesses to the Disney fantasy discourse.

Also, I’m not very big on large quantities of cartoons or television. I still don’t have cable and may never get it. This film I am giving away is feature length and does not need to be watched two or three times a day. Every so often as a treat is good enough.

On a related note I have discovered a way to freak my son out about watching too much TV by showing him my ear wax (OK people I clean it daily, my ENT just says that I am predisposed for fast wax build up. File that tidbit under TMI.). I say that it is my brain turning to mush after years of watching too much TV as a kid. He thinks it’s funny, but he is cautiously amused.

So, the first THREE people to promise me in a comment that this darn movie will not be in a constant loop on their DVD player and that they will watch this movie (that I haven’t seen yet so I don’t even know if it’s good) with their child and take the time to discuss real African princesses either simultaneously or afterwards will win a copy of The Princess and the Frog and my admiration. Piece of cake!