Malecare Celebrates 10 years of online prostate cancer support for gay men.

Russ Windle on today’s 10 year celebration: Congratulations to all the men past and present who have made this group a viable resource for gay men dealing with the effects of prostate cancer in their lives. You have made this group what it is.  We now have members all over the world, as well as locals here in the states who contribute their experiences in an effort to make the road a little easier for those who have started their journey down it. We cannot forget to also thank the straight and bi-sexual men who have also helped in this journey.

Darryl Mitteldorf on the ten year celebration:

Ten years ago, Russ Windle started this online support group for gay men presenting with prostate cancer. For virtually every day of these last ten years, Russ has provided care and heart-filled moderation and postings to this online group. Hundreds of men have helped each other with virtual shoulder to shoulder support and MSM relevant advice. We’ve all shared worry, tears, agony and celebration. We’ve even shared laughs. And, we’ve shared.
When Malecare was considering starting our own online group, sometime around 9 years ago, we found Russ’ prostatecancerandgaymen, and thought, we could do no better. Why split our community with several groups, when one larger group could do so much more. We presented the idea of collaboration, which Russ welcomed, and by which we all have benefited. Truly, the cheers go to Russ for this group. Prostatecancerandgaymen is life extending, life enhancing and a glory for our MSM community.
Darryl Mitteldorf, LCSW
Executive Director
Malecare Cancer Support