There has been recent chatter about how the breast cancer gets more attention than prostate cancer. The example of the Komen Foundation came up. Komen was set up as an organization to raise money for breast cancer research. The mechanism that they used are the run/walks that we have all heard about. They have done an outstanding job of making the most of the PR aspect of their runs so that they gain maximum exposure. In talking to the woman who organized the Denver Komen Run, she told me that it was a full time job for her. Working with a network of dedicated volunteers on a local basis was the only way that the race could take place. If the prostate cancer community wants to have the success that the Komen Foundation does we need to have volunteers step up to organize and run the programs.

Also in the news this weekend for breast cancer was this headline:

Pink poncho brigade gathers for breast cancer awareness

During a sporting event 13,ooo women gathered at the Olympic Stadium in Australia and formed in the shape of a woman while wearing pink ponchos. They visually depicted the number of women diagnosed each year with breast cancer. Like the Komen Foundation event combined both fundraising and awareness, each woman paid $50.00 for the right to be part of the event and the money went to charity.

If you want to sponsor a fundraising event that will also raise awareness American Association of Cancer Research has information about how to plan a cancer fundraising event.

Now you have some inspiration from the breast cancer community and some tools from AACR. It can be done. We need to just do it.