Today was the Dev’s first full day back at school since the holidays. We all took it easy for nearly two weeks, however as of this morning reality has fully inched its way back into our lives. Thankfully my boy got back into the swing of things quickly. Upon entering his classroom he was literally welcomed with open arms by his teacher. They exchanged “I missed yous” and the day got off to a great start. He adores all of his teachers. In fact they inspire him. Yesterday he mentioned to us over dinner that he “should go to business school so he can teach all the little kids about business.” Sounds good to me!

As for me I’m trying to stay positive through the kindergarten application process. I got the ball rolling some months ago on getting my wife involved in looking at schools. Then she took the ball and ran with it. She’s still running very, very fast and I can’t keep up. I almost don’t want to. With the Fall looming she has spent a ton of time and energy gathering applications, researching schools, figuring out deadlines and tour dates, and trying to prepare Dev for the testing process. If she didn’t start working part time I don’t know where we’d be. At the end of the day it’s all a crap shoot, but we’re hedging our bets.

Finally I wanted to let everyone know that recently I was interviewed by “that journalist” Tara Pringle as part of a feature article for The Family Groove online magazine entitled The Truth About Parenthood. I think it’s a great read. Pass it on to other panicky parents.