Today I asked my grandmother if she has ever sent a Father’s Day card to my dad. Her response was “Why? He’s not my daddy.” I thought about that while I laughed at my no holds barred granny. Every year since I have become daddy my mother-in-law has sent me a card and I like getting it. She stands out because no one else has ever consistently given me one other than my wife and my son. I told my mother that I didn’t recieve her card today so I’ll probably get it Monday. To that she said, “You crack yourself up don’t cha?” On Mother’s Day we send out cards like we work?in the promotions department of?Hallmark -?grandmothers, aunts, mothers, in-laws all get from Dev or from the wife and I. (Not that I’m keeping score.)

My question is:?Do you give cards to?most of the fathers you know, or just?your dad?(and husband if you got one)?

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to all the dads that put in the time and love it!

And a?special Happy Father’s Day to Tim Russert, a dad who?held fatherhood and all good fathers in high esteem.