Exercise of any kind helps men at any stage of Prostate Cancer.   Unfortunately, many advanced stage prostate cancer patients don’t exercise enough. Advanced Prostate Cancer patients worry about bone pain more than other men.  Androgen deprivation therapy, commonly called “hormone therapy,” can cause bone problems.  Metastases to bones can cause severe pain that many try to avoid.  Many men try to avoid feeling bone pain by avoiding exercise, entirely.

Juliette Hussey, PhD wrote about exercise avoidance in the journal Supportive Care in Cancer, “The views of patients with metastatic prostate cancer towards physical activity: a qualitative exploration.

Metastasized prostate cancer usually causes pain, fatigue and nausea, which in turn cut down on a man’s desire or ability to exercise.  Treatment side effects can also reduce exercise opportunities.     

During 2018, Malecare will be exploring ways to help men find self-motivation to exercise.  We will also be presenting low intensity exercise suggestions for men undergoing advanced prostate cancer treatment.